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Egyptian Eyes

I look into your Egyptian eyes
And all becomes real,
The things that we know,
The things that we feel.
I could gaze forever
Into those Egyptian eyes,
See some distant land,
Walk under different skies.
I could live eternally
In their ancient beauty,
Touch your heart in silence
Exist in another reality.

See times when Pharaoh's ruled,
Incense and mellow light,
White robes and second sight,
Princess in a shimmering dawn,
Isis once again reborn,
Goddess in a changing world,
A deeper mystery unfurled,
Secrets that are never told,
Words that are never cold,
But tell of things unspoken
Of timeless spells unbroken.

I love your Egyptian eyes
And the element of surprise,
When you finally realise
That life is but a disguise
For something beyond the lies
That we are told every day
By those in disarray.

I go deeper into your Isis eyes
I see the universe revealed,
I see you as you are,
Nothing remains concealed.
The girl that was is no more,
Scenery changes forever,
I walk through another door,
Into a land where we belong,
A world full of magic,
A world full of song.

I go deeper still in those mystic eyes,
I go beyond time and space
And I finally must realise
That life flows in a stream,
Death is a fading fear,
Love is a growing dream.
You are wrapped in beauty,
Your heart is open wide,
You have found sweet harmony.
You have found out who you are,
Not a mortal in a form,
But an ever shining star.

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Egyptian Eyes