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Wait...wait...I need to catch my breath,
At this rate you’ll introduce me to my long awaited death.
You laugh and continue your merciless onslaught.
That smile and delicious curve of your mouth I knew from the jump " Oh I am caught!"
Pacing myself even though I have no control over my body,
You got me and I say softly " your so naughty!"
It only fuels your passion more,
Down to my core,
Like your trying to settle the score!
You hit a home run and took the lead,
But on the next batter up,
I am the cleanup.
I will make you plead...your case to the judge,
My venti caramel with chocolate fudge.
You pause and then stop…
Savoring every last feeling,
Before the momentum shifts and has you unpeeling.
Your body slightly separates from mine…
You gasp as my nails graze down your spine,
I whisper sweetly in your ear,
" My turn...let me be your puppeteer."
No hesitation and no questions asked,
Your ready to have your body dominated is my one true task.
Your energy goes up when I touch you there,
The look on your face…
Your eyes intensely stare…
You lick your lips…
Your muscles seemingly tense…
You hold your breath…
Then you softly say "PLEASE!"
I grin as I simply comply,
Your complete satisfaction I will not deny.
You relax even more…
As I take...my time to explore…
Every part of you opening all your hidden doors.
I dive deeper down into your body I just want to adore.
As I look at you just a light peek,
My excitement only increases,
As you receive the pleasure you want and you fall to pieces.
A deep ringing inside me,
Louder than a screaming banshee.
I crave you so!
Proceed to climb as you grew,
Expanded and so full,
That sensational moment was a delectable mouthful.
As we became ONE- feeding our anticipated need,
Uninhibited and passionately freed.
Every moan met with an equally stronger force,
Going higher to the main course.
The pace of our bodies reached an uncontrollable level,
Leaving us sweaty and dishevel.
No longer able to maintain your sanity,
You set forth to remove the last bit of my vanity.
I smile so deep inside at this sweetest calamity.
Bringing me to the brink,
Oh I marvel at how we are so in sync.
We stared into each others eyes not missing a single blink.
Your need of release is ever climbing,
You dig deeper waiting for the perfect timing!
Wrapping my smooth legs tighter around your waist,
We kiss again...we revel in each other’s taste.
The momentum has reached a limit,
And so have we..you impatiently groan " GIVE ME!"
I close my eyes, grasp and finally let go…

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