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When I look at a mirror, is it my reflection I see?
Or is there a spectral double, who looks just like me?
Legend has it such evil twins truly do exist;
Ghostly doubles formed of smoke and mist.

Though the name is recent, tales stretch through the ages;
For thousands of years the tales were told by bards and sages.
Grim harbinger of doom, you knew your time was fleet;
If the original and doppelgänger should ever chance to meet.

Identical replicants, appearing alike to mortal eyes;
Yet the doppelgänger heart is evil, their mouth full of lies.
With hatred of the living their thoughts are filled,
And many are the mortal lookalikes they have killed.

So the next time you notice your reflection in the glass;
Pause a moment to truly examine, rather than simply pass.

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