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Evil Elven Empire (EEE)

I really hate those Keebler guys;
I hate their twisted evil lies!
Their products are made by elven kind,
And you KNOW their wicked devious mind!

They huddle in their hollow trees,
Drinking their brew to the bitter lees.
They stagger about making cookie and treat,
Plotting deviltry with a smile so sweet.

The Evil Elven Empire is their secret name,
The downfall of mortals is their game.
Driven into hiding by mankind's power,
Baking their foul concoctions every hour.

Claiming to be friendly to one and all,
While their snacks bring about mankind's downfall.
Yet we need not all hope forsake;
For they are not the only ones who bake!

The Knights of Nabisco are their sworn enemy,
Baking wholesome treats for you and me!
Ritz and Triscuit, Oreo and Chips Ahoy,
Delicious concoctions for girl or boy!

Brave and noble, dedicated to honesty and truth,
Made by humans FOR humans, no elves forsooth!
With tireless zeal they pursue their craft,
When Keebler threatens, they merely laugh!

So beware EEE's foul intent,
Make sure on Nabisco your money is spent!

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Evil Elven Empire (EEE)