My Friends Are Everywhere

My Friends are Everywhere                 August 4, 2019

Feelings in the air, my friends are everywhere
Some gone, some near, feelings in the air
I can feel them, love is everywhere
I miss the ones that are gone, they send me love to share
I am not alone they always show they care
Nighttime is my special time they join me every night
Irish dust of freedom drops on me every night
Shamrock drops happy days my country's won the fight
Interrupting my sleep making sure I'm alright
Friends and others I met when I walked the streets of life
Glasgow, Donegal, Derry, Toronto town for sure
A visit from my Celtic family in the dark of night
New York town, I walked with them for sure
I've said goodbye to many friends in my journey, i'll say  goodbye for now
When I have my final moment I'll  nod my head for sure
My Celtic family will be with me, they'll sing about winning ten
I'll smile with peace and join my friends high above the sky
I'll blow a kiss to my family, You can reach me if you try
Mandela, Martin, Bobby with the proclamation every night
The Celtic family with heroes gone but never out of sight
I'll say goodbye with a little cry, my Celtic angels everywhere
Goodbye to my Celtic family it's been a blast,I know you care
Feelings in the air,my friends are everywhere
Some gone, some near, feelings in the air

Gerrard McGeachy

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