Per Our Last..

Please come in and have a seat,
Things I will discuss will be more than any simple treat.
I am quite sure you recognized or maybe you have not,
Our story does have a thrilling and lingering plot,
The look on your face tells “ she wants everything I got!”
I stare at you with both intensity and with ease,
The way you wear that three-piece suit your are the ultimate tease.
I try so hard not to look into your eyes,
For the moment I do I cannot disguise…
Your like a dream in real wonderful prize,
Designed to pique my curiosity and uncover any lies,
To get under my skin with your non-verbal lullabies.
You smile- I simply cannot reveal…
I am ready to peel...I am trying to deal,
Then you bite your lip so seductively sweet and then I squeal!
I pause and try to relax,
I close my eyes and next thing I know your in front of me ready to attack.
In this space that occupies only you and I,
I try to distance myself only to comply.
You reach for my arm and bring me close,
We both know what would happen I suppose.
Per our last transaction,
We both wanted some adult interaction,
Both can no longer fight the undeniable attraction.
But your scent, that smirk and that look you are giving me,
Mmm I think about you taking me over your knee.
You speak with your delicable voice “ what might your thoughts be?”
I smile back at you and say “oh to be carefree!”
Your smile is dangerous and ever so charming,
I have to get it together before you want to explore my garden.
I take a step back away from you, only makes you want to pursue.
I sit down to collect myself and try to get a clue.
You come over to me so calm, cool and collected,
I am amazed how much we are connected.
I say to you “ I think the time has been well spent and we should go.”
You simply reply “slow down... take a deep breath...what’s the hurry...why wear yourself out.”
I simply say “ per our last…”
Then you place your one finger to my lips..

Copyright Ⓒ 2019