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One Thin Line
He avoided it like the plague
Through high school
And even through college
Staying “clean”
Was a tough choice
Especially in the 80’s
When “sex, drugs, and rock and roll”
Was more than just a slogan
For so many
It was simply a way of life
Last night
At a small party
At the house of a friend
40 years of curiosity
Faded into one careless action
With a single line of cocaine
Unknowingly laced with Fentanyl 
Last night
The life of a husband, father
And a close friend
As Daniel collapsed upon the floor
One thin line
That cost all of us
Far too much
Ed Roberts 07/13/19

No, this isn't fiction. I am tired of losing those I love to drugs and alcohol
There is a book on my author's page "From the Pill to the Bottle to You"
If you know someoneone who needs it please send them to that page or my poetry page here
This has got to stop


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One Thin Line