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High among the frozen Himalayan hills,
Where Sherpas tell the stories still;
Dwell manlike creatures of fearsome might,
Seldom seen by mortal sight.

Known by many names in the Nepali tongue;
Of Yeren, Kang-Admi, and Bun Manchi songs are sung.
Wild man, Snow man, Manbear the legends say
Born in an elder dawn, yet still living today.

Eric Shipton took photos of their tracks;
Perhaps even glimpsed their fur covered backs.
Once plentiful, now forced to the edge of the world;
Boulders for weapons, powerfully hurled.

Wary of mankind, who drove them to this place,
Careful to hide, never revealing their face.
Yet should a solitary man pursue where he should not;
Should such a man ever think a yeti is "caught";

He swiftly will rue his foolish zeal,
As he discovers that yetis are very real.

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