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The Moon

Moonlight gleams on a cloudless night,
As silent thoughts take wings of flight.
Moon shines down its radiant glow
On foolish mortals here below.

Floating serenely through time and space;
Chuckling at the escapades of the human race.
What chuckles and amusement we surely provide
To the autumn moon, the bringer of tides.

Lovers that walk hand in hand in the dark,
Thieves and hooligans casing their mark;
Brightly lit cities on seacoast or hill;
Restless humans that never stay still.

I think of children poking an ant hill;
Then watching the ants scurry and mill.
So I wonder, as I gaze at the night sky,
What happens when our moon gives a like try?

Will we scurry and scamper hither and yon,
Across superhighways and well tended lawn?
Or dig a deep hole where we hope to hide,
From the autumn moon, maker of tides?

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The Moon