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The Second Death

                 I sit and write of what could be
                Staring into the deep abyss death awaits me

               Death will take my soul and last breath
                Afterwards I shall suffer the second death
                Death comes again in great shame
                When the last person speaks my name
                 That is when I am truly gone
                 Like the words of a forgotten song
                 Family and friends I ask you today
                 When I am gone call my name so I may stay

                 Speak to my children's children's children of family lore
                 That they may carry me along remembering me as before

                 If I could hear from heaven above
                 My name spoken once again with love

                 From a hundred years and more and more
                 Someone calls my name then my heart will soar

                 With my name on someone's breath
                  Then I have escaped the second death
                                                                 Edwin J. Smith
                                                            The Old Cowboy Poet
                                                                   Aug 16th 2019              

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The Second Death

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