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Night’s Feast

Just another lazy summer day;
Nothing much to do, nothing much to say.
Waiting for fading sun to finally release
Waiting for night time's cool succrease.

Trapped inside this air conditioned cave,
Chained here like an abandoned slave.
Stepping outside is like walking into hell;
Safer just to huddle inside this shell.

Ah, but when the blazing sun sinks below the rim,
When my claustrophobia is near the brim,
Then I venture forth from confining tomb,
Then I prowl the land midst gathering gloom.

Cursed be the sun and it's blazing light,
Blessed be the cool beckoning night.
Now I stalk forth for my evening feast,
To prey on those who expect it least.

No longer to deny my burning thirst,
Who shall be tonight's victim first?
Perhaps the teen out past curfew,
Or mayhap the drunken sot with his bottle of brew.

At last, the sun finally sets, ‘tis time to dine,
And sip on rich lifeblood so divine.
Perhaps our paths may cross under moon's caress,
Might I suggest you wear that slinky red dress?

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Night`s Feast