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Royal Ball

Unleash the Dragon, let him bring the heat!
He is a creature you may not want to meet.
His slanted eyes reveal the lies of man's deceptive ways,
He easily breathes fire and releases
flames anytime night or day

Lookout for a shift of wind you could end up
Like a toasted marshmallow, and your frame
Could become hollow, with certain death to follow
So if you know the direction of the wind, 
You could keep safe and sound, which is so
Much better than chasing flames around

The Dragon told a story of his father and Kingly Knights of old
not mentioning his father was nursing a nasty cold. 
The Prince and Princess of France were holding a seasonal dance. 
The Spring Ball would bring many Kings and Queens, to the show,
to have a chance to take a thorough glance, of this majestic Dragon
Many showed by horse, some by foot, or fancy wagons
As the story held our interest he was ready to give a squeeze,
the Dragon's head went up and down, as he tries to fight off a sneeze

But to top it off there was a tickle in the fresh breeze
Aaaaah chew, he finally let loose the sneeze;
Burning down the forest trees.
The Prince thought he would cancel the ball, but my father 
Dragon would not have that at all!

Just, ah ah ah  aaaaah chew,  now that flaming sneeze just stirred
Up a giant nest of bees!
Ouch! That's going to leave a mark!
I saw it happen, thank God it wasn't dark.
Too bad you can't sneeze on Que, we'd change this ball 
To a royal barbecue

This is the end, in that time they had no cold remedy,
Just smoldering trees and swarms of angry bees! 

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Royal Ball