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I Worship You

I lift my eyes to the lofty sky,
In silent homage to my Lord on high.
I am redeemed by the precious blood He shed,
Hanging on a rugged cross, for me He bled.

Any talent I may have, all that is good in my life,
Is gifted from above, where beauteous treasures are rife.
Any act of worship, any obeisance I might offer,
Is paltry compared to the jewels in His coffer.

Lord of Lords, King of Kings, He rules supreme above all;
The disconnect with man is due to OUR fall.
Lord of Hosts, I humble myself before your majesty;
All that I am, I freely offer unto thee.

Open my ears, that I might hear the words you say;
Mold me into what you would have, make me as clay.
If there is any way I might be of service unto you,
Lead me, guide me, show me what to do.

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I Worship You