Did you come to visit us, and teach us of your lore;
Or did you come to conquer, and plunge us into war?
when I look up at the stars, and count each twinkling one;
Do I see benevolent friends, or should I scream and run?

Some would call you an ET, and others BEM;
I wonder, are you here because your sun grows dim?
Were you here in ancient times, constructing pyramids;
And why all the secrecy, on which they keep a lid?

Does Area 52 truly hold numerous alien remains;
And what about all the lost and vanished planes?
What meaning have crop circles, and mutilated cattle;
Should we arm ourselves for intergalactic battle?

Should we seek you out, our link to knowledge vast;
Or would you merely fry us, with a radioactive blast?
Perhaps you dwell among us, guiding our meager skill;
Or do you lurk among us, lusting for the kill?

Whatever you seek, and wherever you are,
This much I think, as I gaze upon a distant star;
Some day soon your awesome visage I will see,
And on that day, friend or foe, I will never flee.

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