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Do You Remember

Do you remember the tears and laughter we shared
Not forgotten, are those gentle years
There was courage within our deed, love fulfilled our needs
The many harvests that grew from simple seeds

Living in a cabin by the woods life was simple life was good.
The whispers of days and nights, soft flicker of candlelight
The harsh sorrows that took flight
Has brought us Boothe a warm delight

August and September leaves us the peace we will remember
Days are fleeting by and hope has and love has lift us high
What grows within our heart is the priceless part
When fire warms December's chill
A  vibrant peace is remembered still

Walking to a place that bears the seasons
Weathering storms with sound reasons
Sharing dawn and dusk with solitude
All troubles swiftly elude

©Allseasonsverse 8/21/2019

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Do You Remember