A Synthetic Soul

See through Sally

See through Sally so sad and fake.
She wears a mask to hide her ugly face.
So insecure and filled with hate
She throws little tantrums to get her way.

Slithering and seething in your own .H3||
How thick of a paint layer does it take to cover up scales?
Kind of hard pretending to be a victim
When you were laying in wait to sink your teeth in.

Maybe you were brainwashed. Maybe you weren't.
Maybe you believe in God. Maybe you're part of a cult.
But you might want to go back to the academy.
Like a b-rated movie, Ladies and Gentlemen.. "Now that is bad acting"

And misery could be you're middle name.
And this poem might be about you because your so vain.
And just for the record, because it's not news.
But you're really f@k|ng ugly on the inside and you're see through.

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