Nothings Changed

Nothings Changed August 27, 2019

Nothings changed, they attacked our homes
Nothings changed now they tap our phones
When you Sympathies with Ireland your not alone
You think you know your friends, no politics on your phone
You may claim it's human rights, does not apply to Ireland
Kill a Paddy that's what they do, loose lips and the next in line is you
Denied a job,don't complain,change your resume and start again
England controls with M surveillance, I met a guy in a downtown bar
I figured it out, no questions answered, I left by car
I met two strangers at Celtic Park, They were M and asked again
Dressed in suits they said hello. They asked me questions I said no
From Canada to Glasgow they knew my name
M and CSIS they followed me international surveillance are both the same
They frequent our clubs, they frequent our clubs
The'll buy you a drink and listen
The guy at the bar is not your friend. finish your drink and leave
Remember his face for the future, remember don't let them deceive
Nothings changed, they attacked our homes
Nothings changed they tap our phones

Gerrard McGeachy

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