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They left Sicily on a ship many years ago.
My Grandmother said the Mediterranean Sea was her heart's choice
The deep blue waters seem to embrace her dreams, I heard the wonder in her voice.

Lady Liberty greets the family the streets of New York became our path to our new home
Grandmothers heart was strong and brave, her light has not ended with her grave
Her memories in her journal continue to give how our family survived and lived.

On this. day a child is born a sweet baby boy, his cries are soothed within my arms,
a new beginning, swaddled, secure, and unalarmed,
Light of the past is with us today in hope and love that show the way.

I am now the Grandmother, a child of my father, cradling the future as my grandson sleeps.
Peaece and joy have joined us today in a remarkable way.
God Bless this child and his family, Theodore, is a newborn American today.

©Allseasonsverse August 26, 2019

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