Austrian waters flowing pristine and sure,
Gave rise to water nymph gentle and pure.
Lovely and enchanting, a vision of beauty;
Luring lonely young men away from their duty.

Her home might be waterfall, fountain, or spring;
Whatever the location, abundant joy she will bring.
Her kiss and caress soothing all pain;
Whether her lover be noble or thane.

Related to dryad, sirine, and sprite,
Her loving ways could bring great delight.
One habit she had, exchanging her children for others;
Bringing heartache to distraught fathers and mothers.

What motive she had, we can only construe;
Perhaps her offspring were to spread love too?
Was this her great gift to mortal men,
Offering her dearest blood kin?

Or were her motives more sinister than benign,
As she dwelt in her watery pool or shrine?

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