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Slow Burn

You close your eyes and begin to count,
1...2...3…(breath) as you feel something is about to mount.
Wonder ever present and lingering,
All you know deep down something is simmering.
Can't quite put your finger on it,
Maybe your brain is starting to transmit.
The feelings, emotions of the human process,
You think you got this but it will take a little bit of finesse.
Caress and work your way thru,
Your left with no option to feel the burn.
That slow burn- the indescribable ache,
How much passion can your body take?
The need, the hunger, the undeniable craving filling you up to the brim,
Like watching a erotic film,
Every curve and angle so secretly exposed,
No information will ever being disclosed.
That slow burn never compares to anything else,
Makes you melt…
Makes you wet,
Makes you shake…
And all the more deepens the intrusive ache.
As that slow burn rises,
Invoking you to exceeding in sizes.
I smile of the display in front of me,
Mmm you got to be...THICK..I know you will guarantee!
That slow burn destroying that calm composure,
I am patiently waiting for that animal instinct to takeover.
Watching you fight it...figuring it out,
But at long last beyond any doubt,
You stop…
Look at me eyes so low…
With that sexy smirk because you know your going to take me out!
That slow burn consumes us both,
As the mutual desires continues to grow.
All bets are off…
We are about to settle the score,
As you reach over and close the door…

Copyright © September 2019

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