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 I Swear...
Some days are better than others,
But when I sit down and do the numbers,
Adding one plus one I see we are meant to be with each other.
I swear... I made you up in my dream,
Your demeanor is peaceful and calm like a stream,
Flowing so naturally seeking to redeem…
Me on every level known to man,
In only a way that you can.
I swear...I never expected this to happen,
Somehow I found you and tapped in.
You matched my soul in a way I didn't know,
The instant chemistry, a beautiful timeless flow,
That I want so much more to grow.
I swear...for so long I doubted you existed,
Maybe I had a chance and totally missed it-
...the entire jump shot all air and no net.
I would place a thousand bets to even accept,
The fact that your real-
Tears fell as I wept.
I swear...I tried to deny what could happen,
Afraid of the possibilities if I strapped in.
This roller coaster- a wave of newness,
Coming close to that Utopian bliss.
I swear...I would give anything to know your inner thoughts,
I am willing to pay that cost,
In return give you what you thought you lost.
To even give you an ounce of cerebral relief,
My only wish so you wouldn't carry any grief.
The pain inside of getting close to the idea of love,
I would restore your faith in what it is like to feel it from above.
Delivered to you in a way you know,
No more fear, questioning  or doubts and to completely outgrow.
Trust and to understand how much of this was in God's divine plan,
The meeting and how it unfolded to make sure we both understand.
I swear...it was fate, a miracle that guided us to each other...
... our homeland.

Copyright © September 2019

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