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The Sad Tale Of Jesse James

Parents can be so thoughtless
When it comes to choosing names.
What chance did a young  lad stand
With a name like Jessie James.
Oh the poor lad tried,
He really tried his best
But they just weren't considerate
Out there in the Old Wild West.

When he was introduced
Folk would stare and giggle
I think you'll understand that
In time it began to niggle.
Regarded with suspicion,
Suspected of being gay,
And folk weren't so accepting
In that long distant day.

He couldn't get a job,
Not even Riding the range,
They wouldn't even trust their cows
To a man with a name that strange
Outcast, unloved and hungry,
Suffering life's stresses and straiins
In sorrow and despair he ended up
Robbing banks, post offices and trains.

With a price on his head
And substantial reward
He was back shot and killed
By his old mate Robert Ford,
Thus he's gone down in history'
As A man of notoriety and ill fame
And all because his parents chose
That ambiguous and silly name.

So parents of your newborn
Observe and take due heed
And have a care in how you name
The offspring that you breed.
What may to you seem novel
Could in later life
Turn out to be cause of
Much distress and strife

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