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With eagle's clacking beak and wide spread wing,
Embodying the strength and nobility of a king.
Leonine of body, radiating both intelligence and power,
Neath its fierce gaze mere mortals must cower.

Renown in legend as guardians of treasure,
Only heroes would dare their might to measure.
So noble their nests contained nuggets of gold,
An adventurer who stole them must indeed be bold!

Immortalized in Olympia, Persepolis, and Persian art,
Their fierceness belied their great heart.
Loyal beyond death, a griffin mated once alone,
An unfaithful griffin has never been known.

From ancient Egypt to Greece to Rome they did soar,
Enduring in Medieval heraldry and lore.
In bronze sculpture, frescoes and mosaics,
Its true origin lost among ages archaic.

I wonder, as I ponder the Griffin on my coat of arms,
How often has this guardian protected ME from harm?

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