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The Weight of Worship

It doesn't hurt much to sing a song
Or clap to every beat although it seems so long
You can lift your voice in praise
Or keep your hands up for what feels like days
Even though you may fall down on your knees
The weight of worship is not felt through of these
Look at Genesis chapter 22
What will true worship require of you?
Abraham was told to worship with his son
Now think about worship; where does it come from
Who's voice was it Abraham heard?
It was God's voice speaking God's word
So true worship begins with a choice
He heard the word and recognized His voice
“Sacrifice your son, your only son”
Do you really worship? What would you have done?
The weight of worship continues if faith
As for Abraham; he didn't hesitate
Most of us would be like those of Jesus' day
Read John 6 chapter 66
When the Lords hard saying thinned out the mix
Many disciples walked with him no more
The weight of worship can drop you to the floor
Well prepared worship has few ingredients
Faith and sacrificial obedience
Abraham did what he was told
Having faith in the promise given long ago
Knowing that God could not lie
And his son would not be dead, even if he had to die
His worship wasn't a song of praise
But faith in God's ability to raise
In our obedience, true worship is revealed
It doesn't matter what we think or how we feel
That kind of worship brings us so close to God
That we are guaranteed to beat all the odds
True worship is not from the songs we sing
The songs we sing come after the worship we bring
As we live out our worship a day long
Our whole life becomes a worship song
J. Moore

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The Weight of Worship