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A man child was born, one long ago day,
Red of hair and mind, destined to slay.
Concerned for his future, his father taught him to farm;
Thinking in this way to divert him from harm.

A brother he had, and the two rivals swiftly became;
His brother chose the path he had not, and became a hunter of game.
A time came to offer unto God their very finest and best;
Yet one brother's offering was rejected, while the other was blessed.

Frustrated and angry, his inner rage unleashed and wild;
Confronting his brother the two struggled, until their parents lost a child.
Thus murder was born of frustration and rage,
And could never again be sealed or caged.
God cursed the youth for the blood red stain;
And vowed that all men would rue the name of Cain.
Doomed to prowl among men like a ravenous beast;
Only through violence would he find his own release.

As it was for Cain, so it is to this day;
Violence extracts a heavy price to pay.
Perhaps Cain still roams the world today;
Rage still leading him to rend and slay.

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