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That Unforgettable day.

Some try to forget,
others still feel regret.
In what happened on that sad day.
Not believing it happen that way.

Everyone was in shock,
As around them their world did rock.
As the two buildings did fall,
9-11-09 people should recall.

People was dying,,
others was crying.
No way to get help,
Not wanting to take that next step.

YES, for families we must remember,
What happen on that day in September.
YES, always it is in our thoughts about all that lost,
so that we can remember the high cost.

Some started the day feeling like zeroes,
But before all was said and done each died heroes.
we know God was by their side,
As they took that last airplane ride

George wordrider1 Platt

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That Unforgettable day.

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