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Need Hurts




Can not feel sadder for I so miss
my beautiful Chatty my beautiful
Amazon Parrot.

I've tried all these years to try to
forget him, but he keeps creeping
back in my mind.

He was not only a bird but a deep
cut that never heals, it just aches
too much to forget goes on and on
I am beginning to realize he was
more part of me than I am.

A need I needed more than a need
a heart beating out of time and
space he was., a friend I must of
known in another life.

Chatty my boy! You are now free
to fly as far as you want, when
you want! I release you for now
till once again you'll return in mind
appearing so new and alive wanting
to bark like poo-bear and Tinker-Bell
how you could bark like them.

Bright as sunshine you were, cheering
me up when my body hurt so, making
the pain disappears for a while.

Oh, my Chatty Boy! I shall always miss
you, you're my song, my happy bird
that loved me so very much.

You're the one who took away my
loneliness, I never even knew
till I never saw you anymore and
now I will never dance and whistle
like a child around the house, you
made me so alive in a way I have
never felt through my whole life.

I wonder how one little Amazon Parrot
can make a lonely life so worth living
but it was a miracle, my Chatty
made me alive with more energy
I thought I had lost when my children
grew up and left.

Had many many birds, but Chatty
made me alive. He learned so
easy and made me want to keep
laughing forever.

So this is a poem, I write tonight for
my beautiful Amazon that was the
best friend I could ever have found
that made me alive, free to
express my hearts deepest

“Miss you Chatty”



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