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"The Long Silence"

During the long silence, life's neither sad nor gay…
It only meant one needed time away.
Though, best wishes to my friends who with me they stayed in touch;
with soft notes of caring words that mean so much.
Helpful hints to put perspectives in balance…
To take a closer look beyond a quick glance…
To weigh the highs and lows of Ones' trials and errors...
To retrace steps taken upon roads spread wide and those paths-a-narrow…
To see with inners eyes of the worlds' many wonders…
To ponder the plight of fortunate men and of those cursed asunder.

Do you ever think about life? Don't you just want to know…
Why some have great wealth while others heave and tow?
Why complete happiness' price is sadness?
Why weeping moms cannot share in my gladness?
Why my full belly causes yours to empty?
Why some stand contently while others in wrath or pity?

We are told that each reaps what they sow….
As I look around ¬_that's definitely not so.
For what has an infant done during its short life…
To suffer or die with such grievous strife?
There's much happiness, riches, and wealth.
Yet, also there's sadness, sickness, and poor health.
In quiet silence, I ponder the balance.
And there amid it all…. We are

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`The Long Silence`