Tattoos in Mayberry

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Maybe I'm lost 
or maybe I'm lazy.
Some folks get lucky
some they go crazy
But, I've got a crazy love
A whiz bang lady love.,

I'm hangin on for all I'm worth 
to her bullet train to fate.
She's the balm
to cure my ills
when her track heats up, 
She's my wonder drug pill.
Fever to make you
borrow and steal
to pay her bills.
Experience  her 
sleek, customized,
car attention
She's one in a million
another dimension
I can't explain exactly
where she takes me
or what it really is
But, I melt from sensations
found in her kiss. 
It's crazy love.
a whiz bang maze of love.
All aboard
on her crazy train 
don't be late
Some claim I'm lost
or shut down lazy
But, I've entered her lottery
If I lose I'll go crazy.

Crazy for her brazen love
that's why 
I'm holdin on tight
with all my might
to her whiz bang 
bullet train .

all publishing rights reserved, as is, by author.

Buddy Bee Anthony


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Whiz Bang Crazy Train