Tattoos in Mayberry

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Our quaint little town
is fast going away. 
it's their town now,
 high rises with tall fences
Over cut down trees, 
crab grass and earthen clay
They're bringing in the new crew.
Mother Hubbard's left her shoe crew,
a schwag momma and daddy's cavalcade..

Rat punks so
It's a witches  brew,
with all their money
they won't listen to you.

with stealth they rush, to get around you  
or push on through.
Now our
quaint  little musical town
is playing a sour blue tune.

I  long for lost hot summer nights.
drinkin' my beer
by the river
kissin' on women,
fightin' the very good fight.

Now the old town crew you'll catch
in  county jail, a tent, rehab
or the booby hatch.
It's a  scary Halloween
without the fun time mask.

I'll ply my craft '
live out my second chance
and break out my sideshow attraction.
with a brand new, old school dance.
An effigy to thisquaint little town
now torn up,
, and going away.

This shark still needs to eat
 I'm hot for fresh chum
where my backside
doesn't pain me
chewin' bubble gum
in this code blue town
all my stomping grounds,
are gone, sold out, outta gas..,
In this,
the land of lost opportunity
and broken glass...

Buddy Bee Anthony

All publishing and editing rights by permission of this author

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