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Rooms, places in space, fashioned

Hidey-holes, four walls, a eiling, a

Floor, and a door, just like the one

I’m sat in now writing this piece.


Lonely rooms, empty rooms, spooky

Rooms, eerie rooms, ghostly rooms,

Unearthly rooms, weird rooms, secret

Rooms, echo rooms, captive rooms,

Wholesome rooms, loathsome rooms,

Keep the world at bay rooms.


Rooms that listen and rooms that

Breathe, rooms with a temper and

Rooms that sneeze. Rooms that time

Has quite forgot, rooms lived-in by

Who knows what?


What goes on in a room when we

Leave it I wonder. Does it settle down

To silence or does it perhaps reminisce

And regret our leaving? Does the space

Previously disturbed and displaced by

Our presence now spring back into place

Telling the room of a recurring vacancy,

An absence of life, and thus every reason

For lamentation?


Is the room welcoming or is it perhaps

Dispaching and eagar to see us gone?

Rooms of character, imagination, and

Attitude, magical rooms, tragic rooms.

Happy rooms, ‘do come again’ rooms,

Tea rooms, toy rooms, girls and boys

Rooms ...


The handle turns, the door ajar,

Please do come in’, ‘stay long or short’,

But stay at least a little while’, ‘your

Company is much admired’. The

Atmosphere is cool and still, ‘Believe

In ghosts’? ‘Well, soon you will’. The

Cat goes wild and tries to hide, the

Room is locked, you’re trapped inside.


Not every room behaves like this,

I don’t know why, ‘but there it is,

Some are worse, an’ some possessed,

Some are kindly, some are blessed.

Some have seen folk pass away, some

Have seen ... ‘I dare not say’.


Rooms that harbour things unknown,

Coffins, fingers, teeth and bones …

You heard a scream’? ‘What can it mean’?

There’s a month to go to Hallowe’en’.

© Joseph G Dawson

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