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He told me it was our secret from here on out,
that if I told anyone, they would know doubt.
That he was turthful that he was likeable and that he was a grown up.
that people would think that by me it was all made up.

People thought that they knew him, that he was a stand up type of guy,
and to do that there had to be a reason why.
Was that it was because it was all he knew,
That it was right was what He was taught as I grew.

It was something not be talk about at all,
as by the roadside people's childhoods did fall.
If you didn't think what you did wrong,
why didn't you tell the whole world all along.

You put me in a place where I wish I would die,
wishing I would drown in all the tears I did cry.
You would never say you was sorry,
for about all the shame, about the blame, the worry.

Thank you a lot for saying this is my fault,
for in all the lies by which I was caught.
You was look up to even by people that didn't know you,
Not knowing that what I say was true.

YES it was no magic trick,
just the fact that you are sick.
I know now, I am not the only one that needs help,
but so help me I can never see you taking that step.

Now, someday my story might be told,
How you stole my very soul.
Years that come and go,
my childhood can I ever again hold.

This is written for those who been through this hell and hadn't made it back.
God bless each and everyone of them


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