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Look Again ( 2 Kings 6: 8-23 )

All you do is live how God wants you to live
You preach and you pray, you serve and you give
All you do is say what God told you to say
You walk it as you talk it every single day
Always with love, at times taken as rude
Snatching some from the fire like the book of Jude
But for that the enemy has assembled a force
With every spear, fiery dart, chariot and horse
They come by night so while you were asleep
They planned and plotted, crept and creeped
So focused on results as we sometimes do
You didn't even notice what surrounded you
At first glance tribulation, tests, and trials
Circumstances and situations stretching for miles
Haters and doubters with nodding heads
Accusers distorting the things you have said
Bills stacked as high as the heavens above
And every responsibility one could think of
Grief and sorrow encamped all around
Loneliness and guilt weighing you down
You have no choice but revert to sin
But before you do that, look again
All that is seen through the eyes of the flesh
But their vision has never served you best
But through the eyes of the Spirit you will see
A much greater army stands up for me
The God of heavens army is on my side
You will not cower, run or hide
But You will stand on the rock of ages
And live the declaration in the holy pages
The victory in Christ has already come
No need to fight, you've already won
Look Again

J. Moore

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Look Again ( 2 Kings 6: 8-23 )