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A crisp gentle breeze moves the multicolor leaves
Noonday dances on the hills and field, Autumn silently weaves
The golden sun peeks from the clouds the heat slowly retrieves
Color of spring and summer's sleep and dreams receive

Timely whispers fill the atmosphere of painted landscape clear
A piece of light a chill of winter's approaching bite draws near
A bounty on tables filled with harvest reaping, rewarding cheer
Joining hands in prayer thankful for Autumn's gift to appear

Apple cider, hayrides and pumpkin pie, a season that blesses the eye
Morning, noon, or night is filled with sheer delight, a gift from high
Peace and charity comes walking through in season's birds fill the sky
A closing festival of vivid art and style will etch Autumn's golden smiles

©Allseasonsverse 10/07/2019

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Autumn`s Smile