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He was taken  in the morning
At precisely four o'clock
Carefully calculate to maximise
The effect of stress and shock.

And so the process started
To the prearranged plan,
First mildly sedated for
The Psychometric scan
That led to his emergence
Physically unchanged
But with a Psyche
Very subtly rearranged.
The loyalty factor enhanced
They newly complianced citized
All rebellion now stilled
Become  the most reliant of men.

Returned to his quarters
Memory  partially erased
So the return to sentience
Left him thoroughly unphased
Outwardly unchanged
But mentally chipped
Thr unlikely event of reversion
Causing alarms to be tripped
So the regime thrived
With the subtle creation
Of this mentally castrated
Quietly complianced  nation

And so came into being
The altered process of evolution
Unofficially cynically known
As the ultimate final solution.
And so the meritocracy
Ensured continuing control,
The only cost being a world
That lost a part of its soul.
The rebellious neutralised,
The oppressors' fingers being licked
By those oppressed masses
Whose stomachs were being kicked.

And the great messiahs of profit
Were  profoundly and deeply moved
And the great gods of commerce
Looked  down and heartily approved.

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