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All mighty river of tears

Oh all mighty river of tears,
Will it be days, months or years.
To say enough is enough,
when will you dry up.

We hope you will wash away our pain,
even though we know it will never be the same.
Each time someone dies,
How long for them must eyes cries,

How long must our hearts break,
and our life stay in a wreck,
Oh, mighty river of tears that runs,
are we the only ones.

Will we ever know the whys,
That the tears drops from our eyes.
Why we still hurt,
Not knowing our owe worth.

Memories of a happier time,
that sometimes help ease our mind,
When with all our heart we heard,
The I Love you, each and ever word.

This is for my grandson Haden whose mother carried him for 20 weeks and was told by the doctors that he couldn't breath on his own but did for 90 minutes.
Also the children who was lost and the mothers who lost their babies. Paise the lord.


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All mighty river of tears

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