A Synthetic Soul

Do you really?

You remember that time?

You remember that time you went down?
You remember how it hurt?
You remember the hurt going numb?

you remember that time at the top?
That time you were first?
You remember that time you got caught?
That time that you fought?

That time you had to walk?
That time Alone in the dark?
or the time they all forgot?

Remember that time there was that
thing you never got?

You remember feeling your stomach drop?
or pulling that knife from your heart?
That was a itch I know.

You remember that time no was was the wiser?
Or the time you had the answer?
and it made all the diffrence.

You remember jumping off that
bridge right after you got out
the hospital just for the #377 of it?

Maybe but probably not

Remember that foot pursuit with the cops?
How they chased you so they could take
everything away from you and taze you?
But you beat the odds...

Maybe but probably not

You remember how the light refracted
that muggy middle of the night in Nowhere
off the blade he pulled in that bowie knife
bayonette fight you were involved in that time?

Probably not

Fighting for you life on the 4th of July?
Or the sound that breaking ribs make
when stomped by a size 17 boot.

Probably not

Remember that time there was
no one to save you?

You remember that neckbrace? Remember
having no face on one side and it hurt real
bad to be in the sunshine? I'm gonna say maybe
but Probably not... I'm talking about that first time anyway...


You remmeber needing shade and there wasn't any..?. How
you hit the ground and slid a little
right after that car come out of nowhere hit you
and kept going? How'd you get up anyway?

You remmeber that time you were on the news on 3 diffrent
channels? Made front page of the news paper? How you name
it was slandered? How people clipped out you picture
and the article around it and kept it?

You remember your rage? They give you a cage then tossed people
in with you..?. How stupid..

Probably not

You remember what it's like being told "40 years
to life" when you were 20? Going from loving life and just
living it. To no one even giving a 4@(k if you're innocent.

Maybe but Probably not

Remember how that first ciggarette rocked you after?
And the dreams that rocked you after? How your life went
from screams and then back to laughter.,

You remember all those things you loved that didn't matter?
Remember being hungry after those dudes mugged you?

Do you remember how primal you can get?
Do you remember the taste of blood?
The way your eyes burned for the sweat?
Do you remember having it all and having none left?

Do you remember where you came from or do
you forget?

Do you remember the pain.....? The love..?
The futility or regret?

Do you remember?

The Spirit it took. The fire that burned
in my eyes, and burned those around me?
Burned like a blaze in my heart?

Can you recall how often that I itched or sought revenge?
If you reminisce afar, afar ago and distant.
I didn't beg, bum or ask for favors.
Seen enough s#!t that I can smell the flavor.
Easy to spot bu[ls#!t, these days it glistens.

Easy riding they shine in the cold world's wretched image.
To weak to run the race so they trip ya.
Never to mention went any distance in my shoes
up hill, over rocks,on fire, against the wind,
With a smile and 1 shoe missing. Dodging hospital beds.

I'll sleep when I'm dead and skip the expences,
avoiding the quick sand and hopping defenses.
Eyes closed, No hands, spent, All in,
all day, claw, scrape, slide, slip, hellbent, hungry
and with no brakes. In one piece, Most days.

Else die trying, unafraid.

Remember that time?

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