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I have to sit to myself, cross my legs and seriously think,

This innocent intention was a connection- a unique sync,

I swear I missed something when I blinked.

I take a deep breath and whisper to myself “ Damn you!”

Shake my head and I just squeeze my thigh,

I think I am going to get high…

Off my thoughts of a possible you and I.

Just a second ago I realized to my surprise,

Your just as dangerous as me- my heartbeat started to rise!

I got excited from the mere thought,

-I finally met my match a worthy counterpart.

My very own beautiful work of art. 

Your outer wrapping is indeed...needs admiring and tending to,

But its your mind that I want to get closer and know its truth.

Your body will eventually flow…

...in time you’ll definitely tell and show,

And I will reveal my appreciation-somewhere maybe below.

I laugh at the very thought and a smile on my face,

-mmm I wonder about your taste…

Oops my bad that totally slipped put-

-but you know what that was about.

I do my best to stay on track,

Maintain my cool and know how to act.

So my mind goes into the deeper parts of your essence,

Looking forward to your sweet blessing.

After much consideration I have come to some valued conclusions,

All the things we are feeling are true...no illusions.

Our intentions so innocent from the beginning,

Soon after that our spirits went to imprinting.

Revealing a much greater plan,

Something we are starting to understand,

Little by little...day by day…

Transforming us in a beautiful way.

Call it fate, destiny, spirit- the Universe has control,

It remembers our conversation about our common goals.

Innocent intentions manifesting in different roles,

Brought us together for the betterment of our souls.

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