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I just can't seem to get my balance right…

A little dizzy so I can’t take flight. 

A slight pause and I can’t seem to find the cause.

In an unfamiliar place, did I land in your dream?

Maybe somewhere in between-

My dimension…

Maybe your current level…

Walking around blind fighting like Daredevil.

Trying to understand- how did I fall?

The Universe threw the ultimate curve ball.

I swung and missed…

-Ha ha maybe that's when entered a plot twist…

Into my story maybe yours-

Parallel lives meeting through numerous doors,

Maybe God intended us to meet to help each other stop our inner wars.

Constantly moving- forever ebb and flow,

I want off this ride I am going to throw…

Up all the feelings that came out of nowhere,

Caught up in the spiritual affair,

Do we even care?

Am I the only one sensing this?

Were we gifted a life of possible bliss?

I am scared...not sure if you are too…

I pray that you already knew.

Reminiscing when our eyes first met,

Rewind it back to the feeling,

When you first enlisted a new cadet.

The overwhelming excitement quietly kept,

It came back full circle now let’s accept.

Then that small quirk of questioning appears,

Is she real?

Is he ready to make a deal?

Why does this feel familiar?

Why does he/she feel familiar-this wondrous appeal?

Am I truly healed? 

Completely out of breath when did d I start a freakin race?

My heart pounding cannot maintain the pace, 

Seeking relief from feeling- an ultimate showcase.

This accidental fall…

Was the start of it all!

The need to pull away is so great,

Have I been given my one true soul mate?

My mind continues to turn and spin,

But I know everything will be revealed from within.

Copyright Ⓒ  2019

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