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It all started with a simple contemplation,

With a slight feel of hesitation. 

Had to stop...think…

Clear my eyes and I blinked…

Trust my spirit to guide my way,

Where it leads me I will not stray.

As our dialogue rooted so deeply seeded,

The meeting of our minds proceeded;

Your energy was what I needed.

No rush and no time to consume,

Only thing left to do is just bloom.

Into another place of existence,

We surprised each other and met with no resistance.

The ever present feeling of being in our own world-

Completely free…

Daydreaming of what the possibilities could be.

I contained my level of happiness in your presence,

The way your vibe felt was nothing but the purest essence.

I had to check myself a few…

...just to keep my planted because I sensed a breakthrough.

I sigh at the fact that I can finally relax,

Just hope all the mental stimulation doesn't’t cause me to climax-

...in my head of course,

I am ready to fully endorse…

You- every bit of character and manners,

Your attractiveness has already set the standards. 

It jumped out and caught my attention,

It’s cute that you thought it was your height..well it is indeed an honorable mention.

I smiled and you smirked,

I saw that and my mind suddenly jerked and went to work.

We started talking and I took in every word you said,

But my eyes kept drifting to your mouth- I stopped I was gonna turn brick red!

I enjoyed your company more than you could possibly know,

But I had to stay reserved and not let it show.

Then in a small instant...things were quiet and our eyes locked,

I couldn't’t look away and I didn't’t want to stop.

No time, no rush in that simple feeling,

The Universe single-handedly aligned us- it came through the ceiling.

Your body language changed, you smiled and got more comfortable,

That image of you burned forever in my mind-so memorable.

You looked so peaceful and content,

For the both of us this was a blessed event.

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