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You should of just cut me if you wanted to see me bleed,

If all you wanted me to do was plead.

Do not break me…

It leaves me no choice but only to feel.

To think I was honestly safe in your embrace,

You were better off just spraying mace…

In my eyes so I cannot see the cracks on my exterior,

Never once have I ever felt inferior. 

I am more so mad at myself  then actually…

My only true doom is that I fell for you.

Your external shell didn't’t want to show,

Your true feelings and my shell took such a hard blow.

Crack, crack is all you hear in the dead silence and empty space,

What did you think would happen?

Don’t be that dude- a lost case.

I just wanted simple, sweet and loving,

But you proved to me that you rather hang with your favorite cousin,

Instead of having a deep discussion.

Nah it was work that held you captive,

If you wanted to make time you could of made it happen.


Don’t worry just a small crack,

Your going to overlook it anyway because it does not fit in what your trying to pack.

Please, please don’t mind the sound,

You have no intentions of ever coming around,

I even left bread crumbs in the background.

Yet you missed every bit I laid directly before you,

Ugh frustrating- please find or get a clue!


I took another risk-

Damn another F***kin L…

I have so much to compare…

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