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Poised and precise,

Constantly making sure that everything is settled right.

...Fascinating and all enrapturing,

My energy is contagious  and evermore capturing. 

I’ll have you believe your ready to be captured.

Are you really ready?...

Do you really want it?...

Make it creep up and down your spine,

Your body will commit!

Pure essence of black beauty…

I’ll make you get “active” on duty,

Get to explore my luscious booty.

Try to understand and embrace the fact,

How you feel is true and never an act,

Sign your name away on my lovely contract.

Legally binding…

So heavenly enticing…

Nothing will ever be so exciting!

To pause…

To contemplate…

 How much longer are you willing to wait?

To eat…

To devour…

To savor…

You crave every ounce of my flavor.

Black beauty- a caressing sensation,

You have built up so much anticipation.

… you desire your one true fixation!

Black beauty a sign of something truly divine,

Pull up your chair your ready to dine…

In...take up space where my body is placed.

You heart races...l*ck your lips…

As your hands grab my h*ps.

Locked and loaded…

Your thirst has become decoded!

You look up and smile…

This encounter is going to be worthwhile!

Hands touching my inner th*ghs,

Spreading them wide,

Placing one leg over your shoulder-

I am about to die!

From such sweet bliss-

I am eagerly waiting for that one lethal  kiss…

Black beauty so caught up in the moment of you,

Can’t catch my breath doing what you do.

Tides have turned,

While I increasingly burn,

Everything I offer you have certainly earned.

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