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If you ask yourself, "What is the shape of water?"
and you will say that it has no shape of its own.
It takes the shape of a container containing water.
Love is like water too because the emotion of love
is different for each person feeling it and it could
be from mild admiration to total addiction which
can cause withdrawal syndrome if deprived of love.

It could be an instinct that sparks instant takeover
of your mind or it could be the result of long term
association resulting in love between two people.
It could be a bond due to biological relation among
several people like it exists (or sometime does not)
in a family with mother, father and the children
as well as other relatives like the grandparents etc.

Love could take any form from a mild friendship to
strong enough, where they give life for each other.
Love could be an emotion where you feel attraction
good enough to form a loving couple and with or
without social and/or legal seal of approval to live
as a married or unmarried couple regardless of gender.

Not only that, bond exists between different Species
like you and your pets or among even wild animals.
I saw a lioness adopting a baby baboon and fighting
other lions to protect the baby as if it was her own.
Love exists only in the living things but is not confined
for living things only as people have sacrificed for their
motherland and things like that are good examples.

I could go on and on but would like to summarise by
saying that regardless of the form of love it remains
a beautiful gift from God and if you are being loved,
consider yourself lucky and accept the gift and if you
happen to love someone, be unselfish and don't try
taking but give all you can and show that you really care.
Make it true love that lasts forever as long as you live.

Kris ~ Dreamweaver
9th September, 2015

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