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The Good Thing

Off to the recuse on another lost soul
They fall, they call, they come, and you go
I must work the work you smile and say
But listen to what Jesus told a man one day
Good Teacher, he said, what shall I do?
I have a question Lord so come to You
But Jesus made a point to be understood
When He ask why do you call me good
There is none good but God He explained
No good deed is good outside of God's name
Sometimes we think we are doing the good thing
But maybe not as good as it may seem
If it is not God's will, done God's way
It simply boils down to a wasted day
There are many plans in a man's heart
The wisdom of Proverbs 19:21 imparts
Never the less the Lords counsel will stand
God's ways are far above the ways of man
Some deeds get people more dependent of us
Than where their dependence needs to be
They can't come to a relationship with God
Because we are the only savior they see
Let go and let God I heard someone say
They can't see God with you in the way
On the verge of brokenness we step in
And block the lesson He has for them
Naaman went to Elisha in 2 Kings Chapter 5
With his idea of what Elisha should do
The prophet didn't even come outside
But sent a messenger like me and you
The messenger simply repeated the word
It was up to Naaman to except and obey
He could have faith and obey what he heard
Or be offended and do things his own way
When it was all said and done, God got the glory
Take some time and read the whole story
Elisha and the messenger did their job
Now Naaman knows there is one true God.

J. Moore

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The Good Thing