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Doorstep to the Soul

In prayer I seek His comfort, the loss has left its void
In dreams, I see the faces of my family long gone,
Although I have moved on;
I feel their presence with a song we once shared
The melody brings memories of how much we truly care
I seek no rainbows or multicolored buds, there is only weeping flowers 
Flowers that fill our families Mausoleum
The roses and thorns have left my aching heart torn 
So many are no longer here, there remains are all that's dear
Within its wall, it is a silence so cruel, it must be deaths twisted rule
A time when tears and laughter become dormant sorrows 
Sweeping across my mind, it is bittersweet, that is cold and so unkind 
When days gather at the doorstep of my soul, and nights rekindle agony
That is when the last call takes its toll,
I walk among the living,  with  a mournful sadden stroll
Now turns the page of time, and lays to rest the hallowed tears 
Filling my empty glass
I pray for peace and when it comes, for all that comes will pass 

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S. C.

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Doorstep to the Soul