An Arduous Path

An Arduous Path

Where does the time go? There are
many things still yet to be experienced
and known. One thing for sure life has
offered Some pretty hard blows.

It’s the getting back up and carrying
on once falling off the track.
Makes it worth it when looking back
somehow have the ability to laugh.

Then there are the falls beyond ones
capacity to recover from. A false persona
is created in an attempt to overcome the
trauma. Is it ill fate or ones karma?

Some make it to the other side while
Others choose to live a lie. In facing
the truth, fear they will not survive,
leaving their true self behind.

Life's harsh realities come to the
forefront. Past choices made, playing
out in the Present, having a field day.
Feelings of regret never too far away.

No one comes to comfort, to help one
through, when brought down to the depths
of what could be considered hell. face to
face with the rejected parts of self.

Is there some purpose to what life brings and
it's reason for, something we have all forgot?
How is it possible to trust one’s self when the
opposite is taught? Lies taken in and bought.

Once life reach's it's end what will it all have
meant? For many nothing, while tossing out
what once had been. yes, past achievements
and great deeds will all go in a trash bin.

Is there any rhyme or reason after living through
thousands of seasons. Are we the same person
we started out being? Did we become old and bitter
Or make it through the arduous path to selflove?

Sept 2019

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An Arduous Path