Tattoos in Mayberry

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the porn star queen
has a daddy.
an angel up the spotlight
get's their wings
a majorette is swinging
and shaking it for the big dance 
just to show the whole world they can.
Somewhere a soldier 
is warring for the right
to be wrong.
Somewhere brother's keepers
are selling brothers out for a song.

A man's cold ambitions doesn't line
up with what's hiding deep in his heart.
Can't we try to do better than this
Fussin and a fighting and throwin a fit.
Must we win and be in the right
or hit the bricks on some long lost highway.
must our girls starve themselves waif thin to get in.
What if I have kinky hair on my head or my face.
over crinolin with lace
 should I be tossed aside or away
into the trash bin.
.   What good does fear. spread around
make anything clear when all our
genetics, brought everyone here.
Wherever you think you may be. ,
don't  give me the business,
the brush
the kiss off
the high hat
or the lash.
And don't try to buy your way out of the human
prediament  because you can't do it
even with a fistfull of  cash
I get comfort remembering 
somebody else's dear baby.
Every, rogue momma 
has  a gram and gramps
I feel absolved when I'm beholden
to  the rule that is Golden.
Cuz, everybod matters
and that's about that.
Is being a good father mother,
husband or wife making money
til you're on your death bed and dying
is that all to you that life is
I don't know what to say 
Everyone must find their own  way.
Either in this world or the one that comes next.
If I could make a wish
I'd wish for an anchor
a good tree
to come to.
I have seen some of the best cut down flat.
sometimes a lover
can't get along with all their cousins
 neices sisters,and brothers.
and  the fires from those grudges 
become a rat trap
We've been culled through 
the centuries like
the plague for a reason.
permit me to wax philosophically,
Some will play you, to take you, disarray
to betray you.
and make plastic,
others are as sneaky as a feral cat.

As part of humanity  
What helps me keep my sanity 
is to remember
every storm has it's rainbow.
every shipman at sea
holds a lover at port.
Every mother and brother
has a sister and cousin.
Every grandfather wants to be
a child at heart.
We want to give those we love
safe passage.
We want to be  igniting
their spark 
so they may experience
 making and becoming
a great work of art

Every addict, and stripper and Criminal
Every metal head, head banger too.
Every motherless, child
every freak running wild
 came from out of the yolk of a.
a family not unlike you.
If you find yourself alone
far from  your ancestral home.
knock on my door
or kick on the floor,
just know, 
I'm your interim confidante.

no expectations 
Kick back,,relax 
watch the T.V.screen.
I've perused the new business
Take a load off, pop a pill, 
getyour fill
and  the dark clouds will all
burn away
Forget the past, think on today
as  your interiom confidante.
Let me take over the
I'm in the driver's seat.
Your life is safe in my capable hands 
Don't throw a cow
trust me. to help
don't ask how,
just  get inside now.
because I'm your interim, confidante....


Buddy Bee Anthony
All rights reserved as is by author
 11/6/ 2019

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Interim Confidante