Tattoos in Mayberry

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the porn queen
has a daddy.
an angel up in the spotlight
earns their wings
a majorette is slingin' it
for her very last chance  
to show all the town folk
baby cakes,  can really dance
Somewhere a soldier 
is warring for the right
to be wrong.
Somewhere brother's keepers
are selling out their brothers for a song.

Can't we try doing better than 
the likes of  this..
fussin and a fightin' and throwin' a fit.
Must we always win and be in the right
or hit the bricks into cold, lonely nights.
Must our girls starve themselves
waifish thin to be in.
What if I wear crinolin and lace
boils on my face. .
thrown away in the trash bin.
.   What good is fear
does it make living more clear
when, in fact, all our diverse stories
brought us to here.
Who do you think you are,
giving everyone the business,
the brush,
the kiss off,
even,demanding to be free..
denying the human predicament
even if you flash a fistful of cash
no one escapes death
it's an inevitable crash

Life is hard, dying is easy.
Still, live in peace
somebody else's baby.
Every  rogue momma 
has a Grandma and Gramps.

I feel absolved being beholden
to  the rule that is Golden.
We all have a calling
and there's love in all that.
Not everyone finds all they seek by
 being a good Father, Mother,sibling
chef or chimney sweep 
To some that's all there is 
just shovel the money in.
If that's the extent
of what life means to you
All I can tell you is good luck and adieu.
If I could make a wish
I'd wish for a stronger anchor
and a good tall tree
to climb and hold onto.

I have seen some of the biggest
and the best clear cut, flat..
It's sad when a Mother
can't get along with her cousins
nieces, sisters,and brothers.
When smouldering fires from grudges 
becomes a rat-trap.
We've been culled through 
the centuries by
the plague of our reason.
permit me to wax philosophically,
Some will play you, to take you, disarray
to betray you.
becoming a captive
eating gruel with a plastic spork.

Part of some rubble of mad humanity  
It may help you some
to hold tight to your sanity
 to remember;
Every rain storm has it's rainbow.
Every shipman lost at sea
is a lover apart.
Every Mother and Brother
has a sister and cousin.
Every grandfather wants to be
a child at heart.
We want to give those we love
safe passage.
We want to ignite
their cold spark 
so they may experience
making and becoming
a greater and greater work of
magnificent art

Every addict,  stripper or career criminal...
Every metal-head, head-banger too.
Every motherless, child
every freak running wild
came from out of the yolk of
a womb just like you.

If you find yourself alone
far from  your ancestral home.
knock on my door
or kick on the floor,
rest easy
you're in capable hands, 
come to me
don't speak,
when you've sprung a leak., 
I'm your interim confidante.

Let there be no, 
few expectations,..
or explanations, 
Kick on back, and relax 
watch T.V.. pop a pill, 
quiet your mind,take a load off
and chill.
When I take the wheel.
I won't muck up the deal.
don't throw a cow,
because  help's on the way,
Best you move closer in now  
When I'm your interim confidante....


LEGAL COPYRIGHT /Buddy Bee Anthony
All rights reserved are reserved
by this writer
11/6/ 2019

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