Tattoos in Mayberry

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the porn queen
has a daddy.
an angel up in the starlight
earns their wings
a majorette is slingin' it
for her very last chance  
to show all the town folk
Baby Cakes can really swing.

Somewhere a soldier 
is on dangerous ground
warring for the right
to be wrong.
Somewhere brother's keepers
have been chaining up 
their brothers too long.
and selling them out for a song.
in our everyday world
everything 's  gone wrong.

Can't we try doing better than 
fussin fightin' and throwin' a fit.
Must we always win and be in the right
or hit the hard bricks.
Must our girls starve themselves
waifish thin to be whiter than white
and more inner than in..
.Living isn't more dear
when living as the other
means living in fear
Haven't all our 
many  stories
brought us here.
Who will serve as the annointed
handing out 
 ultimatums and threats instead of your time

who are you to give the bull rush 
the high hat, the brush off
the diss
who are you to serve me up that. line 
With casual lack of regard
you want to kill the weak
Abolish rights to  live and speak.
under veiled threats
of guns and bayonettes 
Cash is your death mask,
The  car has crashed.
For me, living would be the hardest part
dying would be easy.
If you can't find peace 
in the realization in our human family
that everyone is someone's baby.
Every  rogue momma 
has a Grandma and Gramps.
Every true crime story
has it's pomp and circumstance
Ask yourself
what's your calling
and ask for there to be love in all that.
Not everyone gets to become what 
they seek
But can't we be better
It will take effort
The ship may not go where you'd  care or expect it 
You might become a guardian
A gourmet chef
A farmer or sheared like a sheep, 
Or go deeper into the smoldering fires
than a chimney sweep
 Generosity is the test
rejoice in your bounty 
give away the rest
Give away the lot
of what  you've got.

Let's go deeper.
All I can tell you is good luck and adieu.
If your  monastary of money  
is saving or killing you..

I have seen great and mighty men quivering
before ending up dangling from the barest trees
You may be the biggest
and the best and the tallest.
The cannibal we call on to cull us, released

Seven more years of thick 
centuries of blood curdling death.

My sickness is the plague of reason
My torment is this pen.
My agony is the written words
I am broken
like me and my indian neighbor
and her daughter
who aren't aware they are an indian.,.
A captive audience,
just trying to survive another performance
in the Western World'
theatre of the macabre
house of mirrors
reflecting unspeakable 
monsterous and absurd
as you sop up the sauce of the big freak show 
your King and Queen baby silver  spoons
The Royal Dynasty has plans for you
you bet they do
to mold you into another disposable tool.
when the middle won't hold
we lock and load up our arms
every rain storm doesn't have a rainbow
every devil isn't charmed.
give me
A sign,a signal
some smoke far off on the horizon
just before sunrise
and I think on a world
that can do better. 

Every sailor out at sea
is a lover apart.
Every Mother and Brother
holds dear a sister or a cousin
in their heart.
Every grandfather
has a heart that bleeds.
May those we love forever have
safe  in love together
not living apart
I say we can try to do better.
 light sage brush fires burning dead branches and leaves.
may you get the best light
and  experience
your full growth potential
making and becoming
a greater more wonderous work of art

Every addict, call girl, or career criminal...
Every metal-head, head-banger too.
Every motherless, child
every freak running wild
came from out of the yolk
of a mother like you.

If you find yourself alone
far from  your ancestral home.
knock on my door
 kick on the floor,, 
drop on in, 
don't speak,
come to me
I'll be discrete

I've got your back, it's all covered
when you've sprung g a leak.
I'm your man with the method
Your Superman, 
now stick with the plan 
I'm your interim confidante.

Let there be brilliant
whit hotnew elevations, 
aphrodesiacs and  lurid libations,
mixed with plenty of laughs.. 
Just fill this carafe
Kick  back, and relax 
watch T.V.. pop a pill, 
quiet your mind,
take a load off
and chill
we'll have nothing but fun..
I'll take over the wheel.
I won't muck up this deal.
don't throw a cow,
help's on it's way,
move closer in now  
meet your interim confidante....


LEGAL COPYRIGHT /Buddy Bee Anthony
All rights reserved are reserved
by this writer
11/6/ 2019

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