Winter Blues

It's dark already,
It's cold and wet,
The wind has picked up,
There's now snow yet.

The kettle boils,
I warm up my soup,
I gather a bowl,
And a large scoop.

It's my go to food,
On a winter's eve,
Where I need a thick scarf,
And a hanky up my sleeve.

Gone are the sunsets,
Gone are the days,
Of picnics in parks,
Soaking up the rays.

We've had Halloween,
We've turned back the clocks,
We've dug out our mittens,
And we wear fluffy socks.

As much as I love,
Being snug in the warm,
I'm really not excited,
About the winter storms.

What can we do?
How can we prepare?
For the snow, the wet,
The cold crispy air?

Vicki Wroe, 29 (C)

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Winter Blues

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