So to begin this open discussion,

Questions and then a conclusion,

There could be a repercussion...

Maybe or maybe not to the extreme,

Trying to see what's in your mind... 

Right there in that in between.

The making of you and everything you hold,

Of course you come off  so sweetly bold.

Your spirit, your essence... My my you're so old...

In a sensual and luxurious way,

Can I convince you to stay?

For a nightcap or maybe coffee in the AM,

There is so much I am looking to explore,

Yes I dare to implore,

I want to truly know you down to your core.

After that first...second...or even a third thought,

I wonder how much it would be if you could be brought?

No money needed not even check,

I just want you- hmmm man on deck!

Mmmm my apologies I must give,

My excitement almost got the best of me- I am just trying to live.


Of you I see there is no way your perfect,

There is so much more to you beneath the surface.

Just remove the top layer- yes your shirt,

I am going to tame you- you little flirt!

Your interesting, mmm a little unique,

I want to know what gets you to reach your peak.

Your mountain top experience where you can no longer contain... simply cave in and ultimately cannot sustain.


Of you I see you refrain from outlandish behavior,

Oh but please cut lose if you wish I’ll be your savior.

Forgive you of your biggest sin…

Especially if you let me just love the skin you're in.

Cannot hide anything from me,

I am here to hide your deepest secrets do not make me plea,

I just want to set you free….


Of you I see in your eyes where you want to go,

A place of just the Me and You show.

Privacy in the highest respect…

...we just want to openly confess,

All those beautiful things that have been suppressed.

Copyright Ⓒ 2019